code linter.

Omnilint helps developers discover and fix performance, security and formatting offenses in their code as well as teams to enforce and maintain consistent code policies accross their repositories.

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What is Omnilint

Omnilint allows development teams to enforce, monitor and improve code quality within their teams.

Analyze your commits

Omnilint checks your code for every staged file you commit.

Detect issues immediately

Get notified early in the development process, don't wait for your build to crash.

Enforce code policies

Omnilint allows team managers to install and maintained consistent rules.

Get warnings

Receive warnings when your code contains an offense to a rule.

Dashboard & charts

Get access to a full dashboard containing all the data you need in one place.


Omnilint currently works for HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby & Python.


Some of Omnilint's built-in linters.



Install Omnilint easily with NPM.

Install with NPM (local):

$ cd path/to/repository

$ npm install -D lint

You can then use NPX to run Omnilint
commands from inside your repository:

$ npx lint [COMMAND]

To (re)install Omnilint's git hooks:

$ npx lint install

Install with NPM (global):

$ npm install -g lint

You can then run Omnilint commands anywhere:

$ cd path/to/repository

$ lint [COMMAND]

To (re)install Omnilint's git hooks:

$ cd path/to/repository

$ lint install



Simply commit a file
and an analysis will start automatically.

$ git add example.rb

$ git commit -m "Test Omnilint"


Omnilint is free to use for personal use. For teams, Omnilint provides a plan for the needs of every size.

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